Tamara Holmes

Get to know Tamara Holmes, Brisbane based writer and poet.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

"My name is Tamara and I’m from Brisbane. I graduated with a BFA in creative and professional writing in 2018 and have been lucky enough to work with books for the past seven years. I love reading on the lounge chair by the pool on my days off, when people appreciate my excel spreadsheets, and I hate when people say ‘fair enough.’"

How would you describe your creative practice? 

"I asked my little brother this question and he said that I go places and do things and meet people and then write about it, which is fairly accurate."

How long have you been writing/composing poetry for?

"I have only really gotten into poetry in the last two years  — unless you count the acrostic poems I wrote in year three — but before that, I wrote songs, which while different, can be quite similar."


What is your first memory of making/creating something?

"I remember sewing a chimpanzee with my mum for a school project, though to be fair I’m pretty sure I only actually sewed one leg. I think I got an A for that assignment, so thanks for that mum."


Can you tell us two good things that happened to you this week, and one bad thing?

"I wrote a poem I’m happy with (for now), I’m flying to the UK this weekend, but I really should have considered the weather over there before I booked."

Where do you see yourself focusing the most time over the next few months? 

"Creatively, I would really love to get back into songwriting and to spend more time writing poetry, short fiction, and essays. Generally, I’d like to focus on prioritising myself."

Tamara Holmes is a contributor to Issue Three 'Home'. You can pre-order yourself a copy here

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