Meet the Founders - Lucinda Houghton

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Fashion Designer, Illustrator and Co-Founder of Good Material.

Lucinda is the non-hugging, says-it-like-it-is best bud that everyone needs and we are lucky to have as a founder and editor here at Good Material Mag. If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in a conversation with Lucinda Houghton you will notice two things: firstly, she ain’t from around these parts (as signified by her English accent) and secondly, she’s an uber talented human being. Lucinda undoubtedly has a ridiculous amount of talent tucked under her sleeve (relevant fashion-focused analogy) which she translates into fields of collage, illustration and garment creation as an RMIT Fashion graduate. Stemming from childhood, and girlhood, experiences Lucinda explores issues of femininity within her work, questioning what it means to be ladylike today. She has a clear design process that starts with beautifully executed illustrative collages which she directly transforms on to the body, often using second hand fabrics and meticulously hand-done embroidery embellishments. These techniques combine to create wearable garments that have eloquence, substance and a distinctly ‘Lucinda'.

Graduate Collection 'Not Welcome'. You can view more of Lucinda's work here.

Words by Jess Gregory

Illustration by Lucinda Houghton

Photos by Madeleine Burke

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