Meet the Founders - Jess Gregory

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Fashion Designer, Graphic Artist and Co-Founder of Good Material.

Jess is originally a small-town gal from Tassie who crossed the seas for fashion (fashun) and is now an RMIT Fashion student and a treasured member of the GM team. She is a heavy coffee drinker, pun-maker and excessive t-shirt wearer with a distinct voice in the fashion realm. Jess champions all things flat from editorial writing and publication layouts to collage, illustration and print making, her focus remains on the 2-dimensional. She utilises her love of 2D in her 3D fashion-related work, translating this to the body through the funkiest of prints and slogans, playing off her strength of making strong statements through a lens of playful humour. Jess’ resulting garments are extremely graphic-focused and are always doused with a generous sprinkling of irony and sarcasm. Through her witty approach to garments and satirical editorial publications, she aims to make her audience question their own relationship with fashion, consumption and trends. Keep an eye out for Jess as she stomps through and conquers the world of fashion and publication when she leaves RMIT in 2017.

Graduate Collection 'Anti-Social Media'. You can view more of Jess's work here.

Words by Angela Poulimenakou

Illustration by Lucinda Houghton

Photos by Kalindy Williams

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