Lisa Cugnetto

We spoke with Lisa Cugnetto, a Newcastle based writer, about life, love and if print media is in fact dead.

Can you tell us your name, and a little bit about yourself?

"My name is Lisa. I’m a freelance writer and editor. I grew up in Melbourne, did a few years in both London and Sydney, before moving to Newcastle in NSW last year with my lovely husband and dog. I love reading, writing, all things vintage, exploring new places, kindness, and spending quality time with the people I love. I hate arrogance, hardhearted politicians, and that some people believe climate change isn’t real or a huge threat."

What kind of writing have you been focusing your time on lately?

"I generally divide my time between commercial and creative work. I’ve been enjoying doing more lifestyle-led editorial work lately. I also really like writing about social enterprise and innovation so I am currently researching some stories around that."

What inspires you most?

"People and places. I get a buzz out of talking to interesting people about their projects and their passions, and visiting places that make me step out of my every day life, whether that’s going for a bush walk or visiting a gallery."

Digital media v.s Print media… what is your opinion? Is the latter really dying out?

"I love both mediums – digital for its immediacy, print for its longevity. I don’t believe print is dead. Digital has just changed the way we consume media. I think there will always be an appreciation for beautiful imagery and intelligent writing. I love revisiting old magazines as it takes you right back into a moment in time. Plus the feeling of turning the pages of a print magazine is unmatched."

Can you tell us two good things that happened to you this week, and one bad thing?

"Good things: It’s been sunny enough to go swimming in the ocean pools and a dear friend told me she is coming to visit Australia from London soon. Bad thing: I accidentally bumped my nose really hard and am currently sporting a big scab and bruise on it."

Every artist has their own unique creative ritual, so what’s yours?

"Drinking coffee, listening to In The Pines on FBi Radio or Reverberation Radio, and playing with my dog Asterix when I need a break from my computer screen."

You can read some of Lisa's work through the following links:


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