Lekhena Porter

Meet Lekhena Porter, a Melbourne based analogue photographer who aims to create a more inclusive world with their work.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

"My name is Lekhena Porter and I'm a gender non-conforming photographer from Aotearoa New Zealand of Cambodian and Ngāi Tahu decent, my work is heavily influenced by identity because it plays such a huge role in my life."

How long have you been taking photos for? Do you remember the exact moment you wanted to become a photographer?

"My Nanna gave me a cheap digital camera when I was 12 and I was constantly documenting everything. I always took a lot of photos. I’ve been shooting film for ten years now, however I never really saw it as a profession I wanted to follow because, even as a teen, I knew how hard it was to make a career. I think I started taking it seriously three years ago when I started shooting in Melbourne. There wasn’t a lot of room to grow as a photographer in my hometown so it just didn’t seem possible there."

Tell us a little bit more about your creative work? What inspires you?

"I predominately shoot people of colour and queer people. I really feel it’s important to create a more inclusive world and I think that can be aided by the media we consume. If someone is from a minority group and doesn’t see themselves represented in the media they feel as though their identity is erased, and from my experience that can cause othering, shame, internalised racism and so much more."

Digital v.s Film?

"I only shoot film. I feel like it’s a lot more honest and raw and I think that suits me as I’m not into beauty retouching."


What or who is your favourite subject to photograph? 

"People of colour, always."

Lekhena Porter

Instagram: @lekhenaporter

Website: lekhenaporter.com

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