Gina Marie Cawley

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Introducing Gina Marie Cawley, a Melbourne based photographer. Armed with an eye for detail and a radiant smile, she glows as much as her photos do!

Can you tell us your name, age and a little bit about yourselves?

“My name is Gina, I'm 25, and originally from England. I moved here when I was 20 to study photography and fell in love with Melbourne. I'm a country girl, growing up in the Yorkshire Dales surrounded by greenery and countryside. As a kid I was always drawing, painting, sticking and making; I always wanted to be an artist. Adult Gina still loves those things, as well as travelling, camping, junk food and dancing around drinking too much cider."

Can you remember the moment when you knew you wanted to become a Photographer?

“I started taking photos in high school, emulating the style of portraits by David Bailey and taking pictures of my friends."

What is it that draws you to photography?

"For me photography is a way of story telling and connecting with people. I think of myself being a ‘maker’ rather than a ‘taker’. Which means I love the way I can create something new. I also love portraiture, how I can capture personality, movement and human features. There are a million things I like about photography; the way I can capture light in an image, the shapes and contours formed and how you can freeze a passing moment."

Can you describe to us the style of your work?

"I think my style is somewhat delicate. The natural world and the sublime have always been a theme within my work. I think it’s important to stay connected to our earth, the infinite beauty that lies within nature takes my breath away. My work also strongly focuses on light and shape. I previously studied fine art and sculpture which feeds into a lot of my photography now. There are so many sculptural parallels between our bodies and the land we walk on which I’ve always aimed to capture."

Illustration by Lucinda Houghton.

Images provided by Gina Cawley.

Instagram: @ginacawleyphotography

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