Emma Håkansson

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

We spoke to the lovely Emma Håkansson about her work as an artist, animal activist and model.

Can you tell us your name, age and a little bit about yourselves? (what you study, do, love, hate)

"My name is Emma Håkansson, and I’m 18. I’m from Melbourne but currently living in Sydney working as a model, while continuing to create art, and work as an animal activist. I love nature, animals, vegan Ben and Jerry’s and vintage and kind clothing brands. I try not to hate things but a lack of compassion and willingness to learn and become more kind and informed really gets me feeling frustrated."

So you only just finished high school, are you planning on going on to study at Uni?

“I’m in a gap year right now but will be studying Global Studies so that I can get into foreign aid! The course sounds brilliant. You learn a lot about how to effectively create long term change rather than bandaid solutions, as well as being able to choose electives like philosophy, anthropology, psychology and other super interesting subjects. I’m excited to get there when I do. I want to study this so I can create positive change in the world."

Can you tell us two good things and one bad thing that happened to you this week?

“I went to the beach and had a lovely time and kissed an equally lovely boy and I also went to a rally to end grey hound racing and met lots of beautiful rescue babies. One bad thing was that I spent a lot of my day yesterday feeling very hopeless about the state of the world!!"

Can you tell us more about your creative work?

"I studied visual arts at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, and my practise while I was there evolved from purely illustration into sculptural work. As a model I’m also in front of the camera a lot and enjoy using myself as a subject for creating things and bringing awareness to certain issues. I’m inspired by nature, by the human experience, especially trauma and our ability to overcome it. I’m inspired by other creatives who make beautiful things without harming the world or others. I hope to create art that leaves people thinking."

What is your first memory of making/creating something?

"I spent most of my time as a toddler giving my mum countless amounts of drawings, weird found objects, jewellery and paintings."

For someone so young, you already have so many talents up your sleeve. Where do you see yourself focusing the most time over the coming year? 

"Thank you! I think this year, as I’m in Sydney, I will take a break from making sculptural works that require more space and materials. Instead I’ve started making water colour works to sell as prints. I also intend to use my voice as a writer to continue writing articles and posts about veganism, sustainable and ethical fashion, and other issues. I hope that my modelling work will give me a greater platform to do this from, and I hope to be able to continue to work for and with kind labels as a model."

Illustration by Lucinda Houghton.

Images provided by Emma Håkansson. Instagram @hakamme

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