Em Readman

A Brisbane based student, writer and playwright to be!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

"My name is Em and I'm 19 years old. I’m from Brisbane but grew up on the Sunshine Coast. I study Business and Fine Art at QUT, which I absolutely love. When I’m not writing or studying, you’ll catch me at plays, Saturday morning markets and bars with a good Negroni recipe. I love dogs and hate people that don’t do the little steering-wheel wave when you let them in on the highway."

Can you remember the moment when you knew you wanted to become a writer?

"Well for a long time I wanted to be an actor and in high school I couldn’t find the right monologue for a drama performance and ended up rewriting half of it. From then on, I started to write more and more and the day before university offers came out I changed my preferences to take a Fine Art writing course and the last two years have been life changing."

Tell us a little bit more about your creative work?

"I like to write about the intricacies of everyday life. As much as I like the fantastical, there’s enough magic in real life to get me through a lifetime of things to talk about. So, I often write about how we as people act and why we act that way, specifically young people (gotta represent the millennials!)"

You’re only eighteen, so I’m guessing that you've only just finished high school...are you planning on going on to study at Uni? (and if so, what/why?)

"Well I just turned nineteen, but I was eighteen when I wrote 'The Hourglass' for issue two of Good Material. I actually started university when I was 17, so I’m halfway through my degree. I’m doing Business and Fine Art at QUT in Brisbane, which I love a lot."

What would your dream job as a writer be?

"Playwright, which is coming true in mid 2019! I’m cowriting a full-length play which is mind-blowing to me."

Every maker has their own unique creative ritual, so what’s yours?

"I need accountability. I have to tell friends that I’m doing something so I feel an expectation to get the work done. Otherwise, I get sucked into watching Mad Men and no words make it from my brain to the page!"

Em Readman:

Instagram @emreadman

Website https://linktr.ee/emreadman

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