Charlie Ashfield

We had a chat to Charlie Ashfield about creative spontaneity, shooting on film and her dream to one day photograph Florence Welch.

Can you tell us your name, age, and a little bit about yourself?

"I'm Charlie and I'm from England but currently living in Australia and working as a freelance photographer. My speciality is fashion and portraiture, I love analogue photography and how refreshing it is to shoot on film as you are more precious with the shots that you take and cannot see the results immediately, making you excited in a way digital can't. I guess what I hate is how expensive shooting on film can be if you don't have the space to develop yourself and the equipment to scan."

Tell us a little bit more about your creative work?

"My creative practice is very spontaneous, I get an idea in my head, usually when I'm in the middle of something and have to quickly sketch it down and the idea builds from there. The ideas I shoot, in terms of fashion, are characters I've built from my sketches rather than following trends, and then my portraiture is a stripped down version of that. I'm inspired by everything; fashion, people, cinema, music, I feel everything is linked closer than ever in the industry now."

What is it that you like about photography?

"I love that you can capture a moment in a world where everything is running at top speed, and that regardless of the iphone generation, where everyone is snapping away constantly, you can still create something beautiful. In fact, because of all the competition, it makes you work harder as a photographer to be different."

What was the most beautiful moment you’ve ever seen, but were unable to capture on camera?

"That's a difficult question. I feel there have been lots of times I've put my camera down, especially with street photography, when a moment feels too intimate to capture. It would probably be whenever someone helps an elderly person and they always seem so surprised and so thankful. I find moments like those very beautiful."

If you could photograph one person in the world, who would it be?

"If I could photograph one person it would be Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. I listened to her music throughout high school and it really inspired me with my work and still does. I would love to do a overly styled portrait with her."

Charlie Ashfield

Instagram: @igotshotbycharlie

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