The largest collective showcase from the 2018 RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Design program.

Featuring the graduate collections of 25 designers, the evening had to take place in a venue large enough to host an event of such magnitude: North Melbourne’s Meat Market. The scale of this event also meant a large budget was needed to make it happen. Through the use of crowd funding, the Capsule committee raised over $13,000 through ticket and merchandise sales, which was a crazy achievement in itself. And that was before we even saw the show.

The evening began with light refreshments on the cobbled floors of Meat Market's cavernous foyer. The crowd, made up of family, friends and teachers, enjoyed a live performance by five-part band Cacartu, before the doors opened and we were invited to take our seats. It was time to see the hard work of each designer, a graduate collection that had taken a year to form, and hundreds of hours to make. Every collection, made up of 5-10 fully realised outfits, began to make their way down the runway, walking to live jazz music by Melbourne band Octokitty

It’s impossible to talk about every collection in depth, like Emma Hutton’s collection ‘Period’ which was created in protest of the 10% luxury tax on pads and tampons in Australia, and opened with a giant wearable maxi pad/poncho. And what about the 6ft tall, three-dimensional, plywood replica of Tommy Lake’s head that closed the show!? So we implore you to look through the following images, check out these amazing works of energy, time and skill, and enjoy the sheer volume of talent expressed in every piece. 

Due to the quantity of designers involved in Capsule, we have only been able to include 2-3 photos of each collection. So, in order of appearance, we present to you the work of: Julia Parisi, Mia Wilhelmina, Emily Louise, Julia Albanese, Emma Hutton, Tara Sutherland, Coral Jamieson, Aimee Harrison, Ebony Laura, Millie Oates, MDLN MTHWS, Kristen Frewen, Kaitlin McDonald, Mimi Rose, Kate Jeffery, Bel Sorrentino, Ritchel Monoghan, Holly Egan, Paige Blake, Rudy Lau, Louise Bolger, Annette Young, Grace Cooper, Alice Kavanagh Federici and Tommy Lake.

Written and Photographed by Jasper Fearnley

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