Anna Bratchford

Get to know Anna Bratchford, a lover of books, a drinker of tea and a writer of poetry.

Can you tell us your name, age and a little bit about yourself? 

"My name is Anna , I am 23, and I am honestly from all over the place. Currently though I am living in Melbourne. I recently graduated university with a ‘Bachelor of Arts with Honours’ majoring in English and Creative Writing. I am a lover of tea, books, dragons, and rainy days. Hate is a strong word, but I do rather dislike thunder storms."

What kind of writing have you been focusing your time on lately?

"Lately I’ve mostly been focusing on my poetry, as well as my book and TV show reviews. I’m gearing up to start a larger project – a verse novel, something I haven’t really attempted before but I have been interested in for a while."

If there was one fictional narrative you could enter and live in, what would it be and why?

"Ooh, good question! Difficult to answer though! Hmm, it would have to be Doctor Who. Note: I would have to be the Doctor’s companion, of course. Why? All of time and space, anywhere, anywhen – also the TARDIS, it would be amazing!"

Can you tell us two good things that happened to you this week, and one bad thing?

"First good thing: I travelled home for the weekend so I got to see the fam – am currently answering these questions to the sound of my dog’s soft snoring, so very good! Second: I started reading the best book! One bad thing: Honestly, this heatwave – I am not coping – it fries my creativity (does that count?)"

Every artist has their own unique creative ritual, so what’s yours?

"Hmm. My creative ritual consists of a lot of tea, tv show and film instrumental soundtracks, and maybe some Milk Chocolate Digestives (if I’m lucky). There is also a lot of lying on the ground, new angles sometimes give birth to new ideas!"

What inspires you most?

"It depends on what I’m writing, but I think I am most inspired by people. Their happiness and their struggles, their dreams, their many mistakes. On another note, my own emotions, they’re not quite something that I am inspired by in the traditional sense, but they do play a large part in what I write, so I’m writing them down too."

Anna Bratchford

Instagram: @annaelizabeth394


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